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Hi, I’m Nene Sanchez





Dynamic Individual

I offer a unique opportunity to help make financial independence and business ownership accessible to a variety of individuals from a wide range of backgrounds. I do more than just provide financial services. I help guide people to a better future. I share financial knowledge, best practices, and strategies for life insurance protection, retirement savings and education planning to help clients build better futures. Helping people make a financial strategy and feel more secure about the future is at the heart of what I do every day. The industry typically only services clients with wealth already accumulated. However, that leaves the rest of America out in the cold. I believe everyone should have a shot at financial independence! My vision is to create massive change in the marketplace, change the financial industry for the better, and transform people's lives. My values to my clients are to provide the knowledge, support, guidance, and confidence to build their financial future. I take information that is normally reserved only for the wealthy and teach it to the masses. I BELIEVE THAT WHEN YOU KNOW BETTER, YOU DO BETTER FINANCIALLY!



Many face obstacles that get in the way of their financial plan, but I WANT TO CHANGE THAT!

"I don't put myself in a pre-sorted box that's based on my profession, social titles, gender, role or identity. I love being my authentic self and living my life on my own terms!"  -Nene Sanchez

Are you concern about the challenges our economy is facing?




Protect yourself, your hard-earned money, savings and investments
from these elements that can affect your assets.


Tax Strategies

Tax planning is a process that helps you reduce the amount of taxes you’ll owe at the end of each year. It saves money and helps you avoid overpaying your taxes. I strive to make sure that my clients are getting the best attention possible while saving thousands of dollars in taxes each year.


Services Offered

For every problem, there's always a solution. Lack of money is never the obstacle. Lack of financial knowledge is the obstacle.

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